Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Road Trip

The question was posed, "Did this trip meet my expectations for sales?" The
simple answer is 'no', I expected to sell 100 books and only sold 1. Yes (1) book, LOL!

But I still consider the road trip a success because of the safety and protection God
gave Miriam and I during the weekend in the middle of Tropical Storm Lee with two bald

I saw God show Himself strong on my behalf throughout the whole trip and was reminded
that even in the midst of a storm HE hides me! It rained in bands off and on the entire
weekend and I showed up for all of my scheduled events but the people didn't because of
the storm.

I was encouraged by the twelve souls that weathered the storm and joined church on Sunday
in the midst of the storm! Yes, you read that right, 12 people joined church on a dreary
rain soaked day at a church that meets in a tent! Those of us who braved the storm had a
wonderful praise that turned into worship service and God's presence filled that tent!

The church has met in a tent for 6 years ever since Hurricane Katrina and you can't tell
by the enthusiasm of the members during service that they realize they are in a tent! We
danced in the aisles and rejoiced in the tent that was our ark in the storm!

It was simply marvelous to behold and a reminder of the resiliency that I come from as a
NOLA native. I was comforted by the presence of God even in the midst of the storm and it
made me adjust my expectations of what a successful road trip meant. I wanted sales but
GOD showed me souls! Ain't that what it's really all about? TGBTG for transforming this
story for me!

I'm encouraged b/c all was rescheduled for next month and I'm expecting, I'm awaiting,
anticipating, my deliverance ~ My change is on the way!