Monday, December 27, 2010

How To Bounce Back From Setbacks!

This past weekend I facilitated a city-wide Handling Grief and Loss during the Holidays Seminar that was open and free to the public. The experience was awesome because everyone was bereaved that attended this seminar and they all received a breakthrough and healing in their grief journeys. I was so overwhelmed by the positive comments and feedback that I received from the attendees that I invited a few of them from that seminar as guests on the show today.

Their comments and posts on the FB Fan page for ‘My #1 Is Still My #1!’ inspired the idea for me to have them on the show as guests so that you all can hear them testify from their own mouths of the emotional healing ministry that the book, “My #1 Is Still My #1!” has made in their lives. I wanted them to share the breakthroughs they received as a result of participating in my grief and loss seminar. I believe there is an unseen, all powerful source in the person of GOD who will walk you through your crisis if you submit to the process.

To God Be The Glory for empowering these attendees to break out from the spirit of heaviness they were living with!