Monday, May 13, 2013

As I reflect on this Mother's Day...

As I reflect on this Mother's Day,
I looked through many of your posts and read all of the tributes in honor of Mother and was blessed to see pics of you and your Mom or in memory of Mom. I realized that 22 years have gone by since my own momma passed, WOW!
If I've learned nothing else over these years, I've learned this much for sure! Cherish the moments, create memories, and keep in touch with your mother 'cause when she's gone that's it NO DO OVERS! The same can be said for anybody in your life that you will miss immensely once they have departed.
The same love and affection demonstrated this weekend should be lavished on them daily! People really don't hear enough how much they are appreciated WHILE THEY CAN HEAR IT! Please don't wait for the designated holidays to show them that you truly love them, let everyday be THAT DAY!
One more thing: I made it my motto 27 years ago after my dad died to treat each day as if it's their (loved ones') last, one day you WILL BE CORRECT!