About Me!

Bernice Bright Dickey

Author, Inspiring Keynote Speaker, and Believer in Triumph Over Tragedy

Bernice’s riveting story about losing half her family twice in two separate auto accidents guides faith-based groups and families coping with profound loss to persevere and believe the unlimited possibilities, even in the face of unimaginable and tragic loss.

Bernice Dickey is the author of “My #1 is Still My #1.” This book of journal entries, letters to God, and memories chronicles the difficult journey she traveled to overcome the deaths of her parents and her husband and eldest daughter in two separate car accidents.  Step-by-painful-step, Bernice has created a new and much different life of service and community contribution for herself and her daughter Miriam, who miraculously survived the burning crash that claimed the lives of her father and sister when she was just one-year-old.

Today, Bernice Dickey is fiercely committed to guiding the bereaved and broken-hearted to achieve reconciliation of their profound losses and closure in reconciling past hurts so they can move forward with perspective and feel gratitude for the lives they must be fully present to lead.

As a result of hearing Bernice’s story, audience members learn how to:

  • Get unstuck in the grieving process
  • Gift themselves and others the treasure of forgiveness
  • Release bitterness and anger to open the door for grace
  • Tame depression
  • Rise up and be resilient, knowing that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
  • Look forward to the rest of their lives with gratitude and belief that the best is still yet to come

Bernice’s mission is to share her own story as a means to coach others through their own painful process of grief recovery.  Based on the journey Bernice has traveled, she wants everyone to believe that a bright future is possible.

That her given name is Bright is no accident.   She’s walked her own talk with God as her constant companion in the best of most tragic of circumstances to emerge as a gifted minister of healing for others.  She stands victorious after suffering the loss of half of her family – twice.  Her victory over tragedy will give everyone in your audience abiding hope that the best is yet to come and inspire them to begin their grief recovery journey today.
Prior to starting her journey as a minister of healing, Bernice served as a public school educator. She invested 20 years serving as a bilingual teacher, instructional specialist and as an elementary school administrator. She is the president of BRIGHT Educational Resources, an Educational Consulting firm that serves At-Risk Students by offering bilingual and ESL services and parental involvement workshops. She also speaks, reads and writes fluently in Spanish.

Bernice Dickey holds both a B. A. in Spanish and a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University in New Orleans. She also has a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Houston Baptist University.

Your Call to Action:

Connect with Bernice today to explore how she can add value to your upcoming event, workshop, or conference and how quantity purchases of “My #1 is Still My #1!” can empower your audiences to take steps today along their own journeys to recovery from grief to achieve triumphs of their own.