Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm going HAM for mine, what about you?

My posts about my triumph over tragedy are about ME! In the midst of my personal triumph I see that not all of my family members are at the same stage as I am on this grief journey. I'm reminded of this when I see my daughter go through her own growing pains in accepting the losses we have experienced and today was a very trying day for her.

I can only pray for her, I know that God is OUR HEALER and I model, teach and guide her through her pain as best I can. My heart ached for her as I watched her struggle with her emotions and waited patiently for her to share with me what was going on with her even though the Holy Spirit had already revealed it to me. Her pain pierced my heart as I prayed silently and then aloud for her to see and hear how to press through past her emotions.

When she asked me how will she know when God is talking to her, I realized she didn't have ENOUGH EXPERIENCES WITH GOD to recognize His voice over the others. I shared that just like she knows me well because we spend time together she has to do the same thing with God in order to discern HIS voice!

PARENTS WE HAVE TO TEACH THEM CONSISTENTLY HOW TO DO THIS!! Their very souls depend upon them being able to discern the voice of God in order to make wise decisions. I'm going HAM for mine, are you? I have to STAY SOBER MINDED FOR THE SAKE OF THE CALL! I'm called to steward as a parent over the one child He left me with and I take my assignment seriously!