Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Remember The Sabbath, Keep It Holy!

I TAKE a sabbath day of rest every week! God created us to work six days and take one day off to rest. When we go against that principle we get stressed out and exhausted. Ever since I began practicing this principle, I've felt like I can manage my schedule and better prioritize what needs to get done because I can think more clearly after resting.

What got me in the habit of consistently TAKING my sabbath day of rest was a major life event that caused me to change my outlook on life and to make some major changes to protect my health. Life's demands on me had caused me to run 25/8 (not 24/7) full throttle, because I felt I HAD to do it all in order to get it all done!

I worked overtime. I worked constantly. I worked long and hard over a long period of time (five years) and my body went on strike and WOULD NOT COMPLY ANYMORE with the demands I had placed on myself. I had forsaken my sabbath day of rest for the illusion of getting more done and it was a LIE!!! I was (medically) forced to go lay down somewhere for many months due to the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion I had experienced and eventually had to retire from that very stressful job.

I had to get back to the basics of my instruction manual on life! God created us to work 6 days and rest 1 day on a weekly cycle, that's how we were designed! When we don't comply, we become ill, sick, bodies broke down, etc. as our bodies DEMAND the rest it needs to repair itself. When we are sick we slow down, take to our beds and sleep and rest until we get better. Our bodies are saying if we would only do this on a weekly basis, consistently, then "we (our bodies) wouldn't have to shut you down with sickness and disease in order to force you to give us time to REST!!"

MORAL of the story? Schedule and TAKE your SABBATH weekly! Do a word study on the meaning of sabbath and make a personal application to your life. Practice keeping the sabbath, it's the ONLY DAY that God commanded (10 Commandments) for us to keep HOLY! I can't wait to read your praise reports of living a more balanced life after becoming a SABBATH KEEPER! God WILL redeem time on your behalf and enable you to accomplish more in six days than you ever did in seven. It's the same principle that's in effect with tithing. Give God His 10% off the top and He makes sure that the remaining 90% that's left over covers all your expenses and more! Remember the sabbath, keep it holy, because our obedience to God's life principles produces prosperity in every aspect of our lives.

Again I say YOU MUST TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS or you will forever feel overwhelmed, trust me - I'm older and wiser! ♥