Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Three Love Affairs of BBD

The love affair between Bern and her husband - 1989.

* Prayed that God would reveal our mates by Memorial Day/his birthday that year!
* Had known of each other for four years from the same friend circle.
* God opened our natural eyes to see each other as more than friends.
* I waited for him to make the first move, after he did, I responded!
* On our first date he proposed, I accepted, we double dated for a month then got 
* We were married 12 1/2 years when tragedy struck and changed my life forever.

The love affair between Bern and her Lord - 2002.

* After realizing the love of my life was dead along with my firstborn, I had to 
determine who REALLY was my #1 love!
* After determining that my #1 love (God) was still with me, I knew I could and would make it through!
* I decided to become a model and living witness of the power of God to enable us to come through and not just go through the things that He allows in our life.
* As I kept that mantra before me of God giving us everything we need to not only go 
through but come through the trials of our faith, I believed I could and would and did this very hard thing!
The Love Affair between Bern and her God - 2009/2010
* God prompted me to write my story as a guide for others to follow that inspires and encourages them to know that they can make it too!
* Life is NOT OVER just because you've suffered a tragic setback!
* With God as our ultimate life coach we can make it through everything He allows to happen in our lives.
What heartbreak has God allowed in your life?
Where are you in that grief journey?
Still sore, bitter or better?
Let me tell you about My #1 and why His being My #1 kept me from losing my mind after all seemed lost. 
My husband was NOT my #1!
My children were NOT my #1! 
My job was NOT my #1! 
My #1 Is Still My #1! and because He is, I'm still here! Hallelujah! Have you figured it
out yet? GOD has been and still is My #1!
It's not always been so, but after I reordered my priorities after the death of both my
parents, I was straight and more prepared the second time I lost half my family in a car accident. Yes, you heard me right, the second time in one lifetime, to the same person! Twice in a my lifetime! What in the world?!
Today, if you received that kind of news what would be your first reaction? (WFA) I did all of that, what next? How would you plan to move on? Could you move on?

Let me share three of the ten principles found in my book, My #1 Is Still My #1! that can help you to survive the darkest night of your soul...
1) Make sure that God is #1 in your life before a crisis cones into your life!
2) Create a 911 list of people who know how to pray and will go to war in spiritual
battle for your soul!
3) Appoint a gatekeeper for access to you! This person will answer phone calls, the door and all repetitive questions for you from family and friends.
You will weary from the emotional drain if you don't plan to do these 3 things ahead of time!