Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This Testimony is REAL and Ongoing!

One of the side effects of losing half our family at one time in a car accident is the anxiety that Miriam has to hurry up and do it all before something bad happens. She wants to do everything at once, but I'm teaching her how to pace herself because we WILL have time to do it all. It's an emotional scar that I deal with daily and I try to coax her to trust God in this area as often as I can.

My testimony about the loss of half my family is MY testimony. Miriam is determining if it is hers. WOW! She is developing her OWN testimony about it and needs to vet it for herself!!! We are in transition and I'm rooting for her to COME through this just like I encourage others through the ministry of  the book My #1 Is Still My#1!

Everyday that Miriam lives she realizes that she has OUTLIVED her sister and from this point on she's leading a life that Naomi never did or will. I never realized the weight of that fact on her heart and mind. Help me to minister to my OWN child LORD as she goes through this stage in her grief and loss. WE NEED your prayer support, thanks! When I get this right she will be saved from a lifetime of unresolved grief and living healed and whole because of it! We will then be able to minister to other children and show them the way out too! GLORY!!!

What I share with you all in my posts are the day to day challenges of raising a child affected by tragedy at a very young age and how we are walking it out daily. I am encouraged for today is a good day!